industrial engineeringSostratus provides structural engineering services to the heavy industrial and mining sectors. Our experienced engineers have the necessary qualifications and training to successfully manage all stages of development, from planning and logistics, to execution. We offer total project management services ranging from large, complex projects to individual customized projects.

Industrial Services

Our full line of structural engineering services include:

  • Structural analysis of building envelope
  • Structural analysis/design of equipment supports, frames, foundations and buildings
  • Design of fall protection systems
  • Design of egress and confined space programs
  • Structural evaluation of facilities including building and equipment supports/foundations
  • Feasibility studies for plant upgrades
  • Certification of equipment, fall arrest and lifting devices

At Sostratus, it is our unique combination of experience, reliability, performance and focus that allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions on time, exceeding the expectations of our clientele. Please contact us for more information on our services.

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