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Engineering: Bridges and RoadsPlanning

A key consideration for infrastructure planning committees is whether to rehabilitate existing bridges and roadways, or to develop new passageways. Bridge and roadway planning is key to the overall infrastructure of the community, not to mention to the economy, and any decisions made today have a strong impact on the future.

At Sostratus, we begin with a considered approach. We listen to our clients and stakeholders, ensuring we fully understand their requirements. We carry out our clients' vision through the entire process to develop solutions for all possible options, so we can clearly identify the most advantageous approach. Alternatives are driven through a process of development, evaluation, and refinement to ensure each approach is economical, context sensitive, and sustainable, while minimizing environmental impact and providing a functional and aesthetic end product.

With an emphasis on function, sustainability and environmental sensitivity, we offer planning that leads to projects that are buildable within an established budget and reasonable time frame.


New Design:image
Our team of professional engineers are experienced in designing bridges and roadways throughout Northern Ontario.

Regardless of size and stature, our philosophy encompasses producing elegant designs that are sympathetic to the site, that meet all functional requirements, and that provide for a minimized environmental footprint.

Inspection & Rehabilitation:
Care of infrastructure is a necessity and a main focus for provincial and municipal agencies. In most cases, rehabilitation is a less disruptive, more environmentally acceptable and a better economical choice. We carry out inspection and evaluation of road and bridge facilities and carry out our rehabilitation design to both maintain and prolong life spans.

Our experience with modern and historic bridges in respect to inspection, assessment, maintenance, refurbishing and rehabilitation apply to simple and the more complex structures from long span cable supported and box girder bridges to medium and small span bridges constructed of steel, concrete, wood and masonry.

Construction Services

At Sostratus, we bring knowledge, practical experience and technical resources to our clients to assist in successfully navigating the complexities of construction. Either through providing a full construction management team or by augmenting the owner's staff, we tailor our services to each project to help our clients manage risk, control project costs, meet schedules and achieve their overall objectives.

Contract Administration:
Contract administration is central to construction management and begins well before groundbreaking - through developing thorough project specifications into the design of the project in order to guide bidding, construction and closeout periods. In addition, we manage tender review, project approvals, project changes, and offer dispute resolution to avoid schedule delays and cost overruns.

Project Controls:
The ability to manage a project within budget and on schedule is essential. We are experienced in project controls, providing baseline budgets and schedules, cost trend analysis, detailed reporting and studies that help clients anticipate cost increases and delays.  It is our goal to ensure projects are completed within budget and ahead of deadlines by responding with innovative and effective solutions.

Quality Verification Engineering (QVE):
At Sostratus, we offer experience in quality control and quality assurance for all your project needs and are recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) as a regional leader in quality verification engineering services for bridge projects.

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